A tail of two red flags!

The flag ends up in between the legs, but still the horse keeps the shoulder and the body clearly inside the flag and is obviously jumping over the fence.

I am one of those people that believe FEI and the eventing committee of the FEI have made some epic cluster f-ck up decisions over the past years.

One of them being the one where all the classes were changed upwards and the introduction of the CCI1*-Intro. With the winter season literally around the corner there will be plenty of time to discuss that one at a later occasion.

Another thing that's been changed back and forth is the flag rule, and the current system will give you a 15 penalty for a missed flag. Maybe that is a good idea, cause the ones of us that follow this sport have actually watched people win 5-star events not jumping fences in a proper manner..

Really famous..

Anyhow, yesterday it was cross day at Les 5 Etoiles de Pau, France and this is where the tail of the two red flags will take place. Imagine two riders, one really famous, one not so much.

The one really famous jumps outside both the fence and flag, first of all one can see the end of the fence before they start jumping.

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