Finding a breeding stallion, for eventing

Of all the many many hours I spent checking out prospect stallions for breeding most of them fall straight into the category: no go zone.

So, finding a breeding stallion for eventing really does start to feel like finding a needle in a haystack. It is close to a mission impossible if you’d like.

However, there are a lot of stallions out there being promoted as the “next big thing” for the eventing sport. Me am not so convinced.

Cause my findings when searching for the perfect breeding stallion for eventing horses so far into the breeding season of 2023 already were the following:

  • The stallions are like in the size of an E-pony and also look and act like a pony!
  • You can track their offspring via FEI and realise they break down somewhere in between the middle level and highest levels of the sport. Some stallions seem to have this issue more than others..
  • Most of the very much few pure and approved TB-stallions come with zero to nada interesting bloodlines for any kind of sport horse breeding in the first seven or eight generations of their pedigree. So why bother.
  • The interesting private TB-stallions that do get an approval seem to disappear from the face of the earth after they were approved. And from that way onwards they are nowhere to be found.
  • The majority of the other stallions stand way to low in TB-blood even for mares that themselves come with a 60% rate of TB-blood or more!
  • They are actually quite nice but have also been dead for years. So the one and only option is to use frozen straws. Which in itself is not so appealing when you need to rely on shipping companies.
An E-pony is a d-pony that grew to big, or a small horse that stayed small landing in between 148,1-156,9cm. Which I personally consider to be a somewhat brilliant size of horse for a smaller rider or i.e. children’s show jumpers but not in a breeding stallion.

Feeling clueless!

How is anyone ever gonna breed good eventing horses based on this? I really don’t know.

Of all the many many hours I spent checking out prospect stallions for breeding most of them fall straight into the category: no go zone.

Till today I have found the one approved stallion that does not come in the size of a pony. A stallion with a good gallop and jump who also comes with at least some TB-blood that also has been proven in the sport.

He also have bloodlines that are interesting enough for a complete other market than the pure eventing one. Cause when dealing with horses you always need to have a plan B.

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