🤔 The WBFSH World Ranking

How is it even possible for horses with UELN numbers and passports to get an international license and passport without their pedigree tagging along in the records.

Is the WFBSH ranking really accurate and up to date? The past year I've gone through a lot of results on horses via the FEI database and I am sensing the world rankings are not always up to date.

Worst discipline seem to be eventing and eventing horses. Or it is worse because that was the one that was the easiest one to check up.

The other year I actually recalculated the world rankings and only counted the top six offspring of each and every stallion, and let's just say by doing so a complete new picture came to life presented itself.

Cause when counting each and every offspring of a stallion, the average stallion will get a lot of "free" ranking points from his many, many offspring sitting on just the one ranking point.

On the other side of the extreme, a stallion with THE ONE mega talented offspring in competition will get a higher rank than he maybe deserve.

That is one side of this.

Where did the pedigree information go?

The other, and way more serious part is the amount of horses in the FEI database that in fact have no pedigree listed what so ever. Just look at the six year olds at Mondial du Lion (the World Championships for young horses) this year. 

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